The battle of Napton: A poultry invasion

Now we all remember Emily Padfield deputy machinery editor at Farmers Weekly and author of the hit machinery blog Torque Talk (geddit?). Well if you don’t here she is again playing Chuckie Egg…


Anyway Emily has provided some images of her inquisitive White Star bird, known as David Brown or by the alias ‘White Chicken’, creeping into the house with her and her Flint Spaniel puppy, Harvey.


1 year old David sneaks in through an open door.


Harvey looks on warily. Emily told me to tell you the mess is A, due to it being the harvest and B, the puppy tore something up.


A little bit of product placement in the bathroom.


Perhaps she wants to do some washing? Awwwh she think she’s people. 

How did David Brown’s invasion end? Did she end up doing the washing? Or using the toilet? Did that other mysterious puppy in the background and David go on a cross country adventure? Stay tuned to the FF and find out! 

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