Weird news wrap volume 3

Another week and another pile of strange poultry news has landed in my inbox.

We have the story of a chicken killing dog spared being put to sleep, a 5p sized egg, ANOTHER rapper opening a fried chicken franchise and a bizarre case of animal cruelty.  

So here we go…


A chicken killing dog has been spared being put down after an animal rights group (I’m sure they don’t get the contradiction) stepped in.

Luna, a Siberian husky, was slated for termination by the local council in Tolland, Connecticut after she killed chickens on two separate occasion.

But at the 11th hour New York based animal legal defence charity The Lexus Project intervened and managed to get a stay of execution after seeing a campaign to save the dog on Facebook

The dog now has been banished from Tolland and is being cared for by a charity that cares for siberian husky dogs.


Meanwhile in Penley, Wrexham in north east Wales, Linda Brookes has found the a minuscule egg laid by one of her hens, the size of a 5p coin.

“We do get the odd egg that is smaller than the others but nothing like this, I have never seen anything like it before in my life.” said Ms Brookes to the The Leader whose journalist then wrote a pun heavy story e.g. “eggs-traordinary discovery”.


Next rapper Rick Ross (never heard of him either) has decided to invest in opening a Wingstop fried chicken franchise in Memphis, Tennessee.

Ross joins a long line of rappers from Jay Z (40/40 Club), Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs(Justin’s), Kanye West(Fatburger) and Ludacris(Straits Restaurant) and of course Flava Flav (Flav’s Fried Chicken)

At least he is putting his money where his mouth is, he’s already rapped about Wingstop in his frankly confusingly aggressive song MC Hammer.


Finally some strange yobs in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire have tried to (presumably) kill a mallard duck in front of a Tesco (!) store by strangling it.

Tried and failed they did and the traumatised, lacerated and generally worse for wear duck was taken to vets who sewed up its neck, one of whom has now adopted the bird.

Police are searching for the two strange creatures who attacked the bird.