How to maximise Christmas sales

Producers need to adapt their administration methods if they want to keep up with customer demands, according to Phillip Regan of Kelly Turkeys.

Speaking at the Anglian Turkey Association‘s recent post-mortem meeting, Mr Regan predicted the year ahead would be challenging, with producers facing problems stemming from the eurozone crisis and the ongoing recession.

However, he said making it easier for customers to buy direct by using credit-card systems and hosting online sales was key to success.

“Lots of people prefer to buy turkeys from their local farmer or butcher, but we often make it hard for them, whereas supermarkets make it easy,” said Mr Regan.

During the last festive period, 71% of Kelly Turkeys‘ farmgate orders and home deliveries were placed online, with many customers being directed to their nearest supplier via their website.

Mr Regan said businesses needed to become more aware of online buying habits. “A lot of people are happy with traditional farming methods, but they don’t want traditional administration methods,” he said. “I envisage a growing trend in the future, with more people buying their turkeys online.”

But old fashioned methods, such as customer recommendations, had still stood the test of time. “It will all help to build up your business. A solid way to do it is by getting your customers to introduce people,” he added.

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