Lion free range eggs to feature at 2012 London Olympics

UK egg and poultry farmers are set to play a major role at the London 2012 Olympic games with Lion free range eggs and Red Tractor poultry meat set to feature on menus.

The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games made the announcement during the launch of its “Food Vision” under its aim to provide the most sustainable games.

It has set UK Red Tractor Assured as the benchmark standard and stated that eggs must be British Lion mark and free range. The committee will also ask suppliers to consider how a proportion of food can meet their aspirational standards and these include RSPCA Freedom Food or free range pork and chicken.

However, while the RSPCA welcomed the news, the charity is still concerned there are no targets for the amount of higher-welfare meat to be served.

“The RSPCA welcomes the inclusion of animal welfare in the Olympics Food Vision, by making the games the first ever to only use cage-free eggs. However, we are disappointed that a commitment to higher animal welfare standards has yet to be specified for chicken and pork,” said David Bowles, head of RSPCA external affairs.

“We have met with the organising committee to discuss animal welfare and look forward to working with them to further encourage sourcing of higher welfare food, and promote high standards of welfare for any animals involved in 2012.”

About 14 million meals will be consumed during the games, by visitors, athletes, dignitaries and members of the media.

It is hoped that with such an amazing opportunity to showcase the UK’s continuing dedication to better animal welfare, London 2012 can lead the world when it comes to providing higher welfare produce across the board, he said.

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