Military tech used to tackle hatchery problems

Aviagen has enlisted the help of the latest military imaging technology to gain a better understanding of egg storage and incubation conditions, so offering its hatchery customers an enhanced problem solving service.

The use of military imaging was outlined at the company’s first meeting of its new global Hatchery Support Working Group, held last week in The Netherlands.

Dinah Nicholson, global manager of Hatchery Development and Support, said: “This is the first time this technology has been used in this way and it has been illuminating. We were able to diagnose a variety of issues, including cold or hot spots in the incubators.

“We were also able to see live chicks which were not being held in their thermal comfort zone, because their feet would look cold. Spotting these issues early means that action and resolutions can be swift and effective.”

The company has also released a new Ross Tech entitled Investigating Hatchery Practice which focuses on hatchery techniques and will be shortly available to all customers on its website –

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