New classification for Avatec

A new product classification for the coccidiostat Avatec 150 G – now available without a veterinary prescription – will make it more easily available for use in game birds.

Avatec has been classified as a veterinary medicinal product, in the POM-V category, but has now been given a ZFA (zootechnical feed additive) listing.

The product, which contains the active ingredient lasalocid sodium, is licensed as a feed additive for prevention of coccidiosis in growing pheasants, partridges, quail and guinea fowl. It currently has established use as a coccidiostat in chickens and turkeys. It is also used in future laying hens up to 10 weeks of age.

“Avatec has been successful in preventing coccidiosis among game birds for many years, but the requirement for a veterinary prescription has inevitably limited its use. The new regulations will now allow further responsible use without the need for a script,” says Tony Grainger, poultry manager of Pfizer in the UK and Ireland.

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