New poultry global research hub announced

The poultry hub is one of 12 global research hubs announced by the British Government’s UK Research and Innovation.

Over the next five years, these hubs will work with governments, international agencies, NGO’s and community groups in developing countries to provide creative and sustainable solutions to help make the world safer, healthier and more prosperous.

They have been funded through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) which is a key component in delivering the UK AID strategy and puts UK research at the heart of efforts to tackle the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Focusing on challenges

The hubs will focus on some of the world’s greatest challenges – from improving human health and promoting gender equality and social justice to fortifying ecological systems and biodiversity on land and sea, generating agricultural sustainability and fostering greater resilience to natural disasters.

The Royal Veterinary College will lead the One Health Poultry hub. Population growth is driving global demand for safe, low-cost poultry meat and eggs but rapid intensification creates conditions for diseases.

The hub will explore how to meet rising demand while minimising the risk to public health. It will study how intensification increases risk of infectious disease and antimicrobial resistance, why certain processes and behaviours are risky and establish when and where to test interventions for disease control.

Its geographical focus will be around South Central Asia and South East Asia and the hub will work with a wide range of networks of local, regional and global stakeholders. Evidence generated will be put to immediate use.