New range of industrial pressure sprayers from Hozelock

With long-lasting chemical resistant seals, the new Hozelock Viton range of industrial pressure sprayers is designed for heavy-duty applications of solutions, including disinfectants.

The sprayers come in 1.25, 5, 7 and 10-litre sizes and each model offers the user a precise spray pattern which is adjustable from a jet, for spot treatment, to cone and mist patterns for wider area coverage.

The sprayer seals and “O” rings are made from DuPont Viton fluoroelastomer which is highly resistant to repeated exposure to aggressive chemical solutions which would quickly corrode conventional rubber seals. The pump barrel sealing rings, non-return valve and the nozzle seal, therefore, remain airtight, ensuring long life and efficient operation.

Non-corrosive stainless steel lances give the three large sprayers extra reach and durability and all models have an extra-wide funnel to facilitate easy filling without spillage. The translucent canisters are graduated to enable spray solutions to be mixed accurately in the sprayer.

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