NFU poultry board chairman warns of farm incursions

The NFU has issued a warning to poultry producers that activists are increasingly targeting the industry, especially the egg sector.

Speaking at this week’s quarterly NFU council meeting in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, NFU poultry board chairman James Mottershead urged all poultry producers to assess their farm security.

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He told delegates: “The group involved are looking at all production systems and it is crucial for all members to have good site security, remain vigilant and report anything suspicious to the police.

“Staff training is also important to ensure employees know what to do if approached by activists, and good record keeping is vital.”

Online advice

The NFU’s website has a members-only Activism Hub which includes advice on everything from defamation, to on-farm process as well as a recently updated section on pre-employment checks.

Mr Mottershead added: “I would encourage you all to stay vigilant. Read through the guidance pages online and share the link with the members in your region.”

The NFU’s warning comes after animal rights organisation Animal Justice Project obtained and shared undercover footage from an RSPCA-assured farm in Norfolk that appeared to show workers kicking and throwing hens.

The footage has been sent to the Animal and Plant Health Agency which has indicated it is prepared to take action.

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