Avian flu restrictions lifted on two turkey farms

Further laboratory tests have now confirmed that the H6N1 avian flu virus discovered at two turkey breeder flocks in East Anglia is of low pathogenicity.

Therefore, DEFRA has lifted the routine restrictions put in place arounf the two Bernard Matthews breeder sites while the investigations were ongoing. Low pathogenic avian flu is not a statutory notifiable disease.

The H6 serotype of the virus has been found in wild birds in Europe as well as in poultry in previous years. With this in mind, DEFRA urges poultry keepers to remain vigilant as the spring migration season approaches by looking for any signs of disease in their birds.

This mirrored a warning given by The Department of Agriculture of Northern Ireland last month, which highlighted that “the weather forecast predicts a period of very cold weather in Siberia, the same conditions that caused a huge movement of waterfowl and other birds towards the UK just prior to the Cellardyke swan incident.