City worker takes time out to rear over 150 Christmas turkeys

City worker Charlie Pyper and his Swedish girlfriend Kristina Dalborg are for the second year running moonlighting from their day jobs to rear Bronze turkeys for charity.

Mr Pyper’s inspiration for rearing turkeys last year came from an episode of the TV show Jimmy’s Farm. So he reared 50 birds for Christmas 2007, and this Christmas he has increased this to 157 birds. Processing is all carried out by a partner who processes over 6000 birds and adds ours on to the end.


All birds are sold online directly to the customer. The orders have come throughout the country, but primarily focused in the south east. “I firmly believe that the internet does provide a significant channel to market. We have also used the likes of Facebook as well as podcasting to market the turkeys,” said Mr Pyper.

The key to the couple’s high quality produce is their quality of life and diet. Under the free-range scheme, they are able to keep over 300 in their barn, but choose to keep just over half this number so they benefit for even more space.

They are certified, too, under the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association’s Golden Promise scheme.