Outlook session needs farmer views

A highlight of the programme is the industry outlook session, which attempts to gauge optimism in poultry production, and discover what concerns are most pressing for the industry.

Chaired respectively by the NFU’s Gary Ford and poultry board chairman Duncan Priestner, the sessions on poultrymeat and eggs will take place on both days that the fair is on, 15-16 May. The egg outlook begins at 10am, and poultrymeat at 12pm.

A spokesman for the fair said: “Tell us the challenges and opportunities ahead for your business in our Industry Outlook Survey. This important survey will inform the Outlook Forums on the day at the Fair and kick start the discussions. Answer some quick questions which will provide our chairmen Gary Ford, Duncan Priestner and Alistair Driver with plenty to challenge our experts with on the day!”

Producers can access the survey here.

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