Potters of Yorkshire raises £50,000 for air ambulance

James Potter looking at a chicken on top of some eggs with a helicopter in the background

James Potter says his family is proud to be associated with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Egg producer and packer Potters of Yorkshire has raised £50,000 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance by making a 1p donation for each dozen sold.

The firm, based near Thirsk, in North Yorkshire said it was part of a “giving back” drive that also included hosting school visits and an ambition to become carbon neutral before the end of the year.

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Director James Potter said his family firm were proud to be partnered with the charity.

“We believe customers prefer to buy a product that also supports vital charities in our area.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance serves five million people across the region, undertaking about 1,250 missions each year.

It is replacing two helicopters in its fleet at a cost of £6m a piece.

Helen Callear, regional fundraising manager at the Yorkshire Air Ambulance said: “We are thrilled with the fundraising amount.

“It may surprise you to know the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity relies entirely on the generosity of individuals and organisations such as Potters Eggs – to keep two air ambulances in the air costs £12,000/day.”

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