Poultry sector and education charity join forces

The British Poultry Council is working with FACE (Farming and Countryside Education) to update its resource materials for schools.

The two organisations first got together to launch their education programme for primary and secondary schools last September .

The update will integrate the careers and education pages of the website and give pupils, teachers, the industry, government and the media access to the latest knowledge and expertise about the poultrymeat sector.

These resources will also be used in FACE’s activities with secondary school pupils to explain career opportunities, during site visits, seminars and conferences.

“We’re really pleased to be able to produce resources for a secondary school audience, especially those that can integrate learning in the classroom, with young people’s exploration of future careers,” said FACE chief executive Dan Corlett.

“As a rapidly growing business sector, it’s really important that young people are aware of the opportunities within poultry, and farming as a whole, and have an idea of how the industry operates.

“Working with BPC means we are able to tap into industry-leading expertise so that the materials are both relevant and current for schools.”

Andrew Large, BPC’s chief executive commended the work that FACE has done to encourage more young people into a career in the poultry sector.

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