Ross birds distributor expands in Iraq

The major distributor of Ross birds in Iraq has announced it will expand production of grandparent stock in the country as demand from within the once war-torn middle eastern nation rises.

Rasun, a subsidy of the Iraqi-owned agriculture and veterinary products Vano Group, has become one of the leading poultry production companies in Iraq, with a slaughterhouse and processing plant, grandparent and parent stock hatcheries, two feed mills, veterinary and feed labs.

“Once our investment plans are completed in autumn 2011, we will be able to offer increased supply to the Iraqi poultry market. We are in a unique position to supply customers with their Ross 308 product requirements, backed by technical and veterinary support throughout the whole process,” said chairman and CEO of Rasun, Dr. Salah M Bakir.

Ross International sales manager, John Maguire, said: “We are delighted Rasun are demonstrating their commitment to the Ross brand through continued investment throughout the production chain. The Ross 308 has proven to be of great value to Iraqi poultry producers, and performance has been exceptional, which has led to a significant rise in demand.”

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