The cash poultry farmers could be missing out on

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Many poultry farmers are eligible for tax relief, often to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds, simply for developing innovative ways of working.

Those don’t have to be unique methods, either. R&D tax credits are available for a range of activities that improve efficiencies, such as cutting costs or adapting to meet changing consumer needs – all regular business decisions for the average poultry farmer. 

There may also be scope for farmers to claim where they are working with tech start-ups in testing for the rollout of new technology such as sensors or smart software.

What activities qualify?

Here are some examples of projects that would be eligible for  the relief, regardless of whether or not they were successful:

  • Rationing or optimising feed systems and timings
  • Adaptations which take into account a bird’s requirements for welfare, growth or sustained production. This could include using vitamin supplements
  • Using feed to promote bird welfare rather than antibiotics
  • Vaccine programmes or alternative methods of immunity
  • Reduction in antibiotics use and activity to support birds following a reduced immunity
  • Housing and storage to protect birds from predators
  • Control of parasites

Is your farm eligible?

Farmers Weekly has teamed up with the UK’s biggest R&D tax credit specialist, Leyton, to help farmers claim the R&D tax credits to which they are entitled.

Leyton was responsible for more than one-third of all R&D tax credit claims submitted to HMRC in 2018 and has a 100% success record.

The whole process, including a farm visit, should take no more than six to eight hours of involvement from the farmer. It typically takes just six weeks from starting a claim to receiving the cash.

So talk to our specialist team and find out what you could be entitled to – call us on 020 7043 2300 or fill in the form via the web link below.

Why choose Farmers Weekly’s R&D Tax Credits service?

  • Make the most of the full range of government incentives available
  • Methods to increase yields, reduce losses or improve cost and time efficiencies qualify
  • R&D tax relief can be reinvested to further improve the business or give an injection of cashflow

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