VIDEO: Poultry to play big part in NFU campaign

Poultry producers have welcomed a new NFU campaign, aimed at encouraging consumers to buy British produce.

Farming Delivers for Britain, was launched by NFU president Peter Kendall on the Thames yesterday (21 May).

Speaking at the launch, Mr Kendall said the campaign had been designed to “explain to the general public and consumers, not just why farming matters, but what it delivers for Britain.”

Mr Kendall said the three-year campaign wasn’t a “front for a begging bowl for the farming industry.

“Our message is very simple and very clear. Make it British, make it local and make it happen.”

The campaign highlights six areas where farming plays an important role: producing food, looking after the environment, kick-starting economic growth, producing cleaner energy, providing new careers and world-class animal welfare standards.

Speaking to Poultry World at the event NFU chief poultry adviser Kelly Watson said the poultry industry fitted very well into all six categories.

“Farming Delivers for Britain is a fantastic campaign for the poultry industry, which has got a range of stories to tell, particularly in welfare and the environment.”

For example, British egg producers have invested £400m converting old style conventional cages to enriched colony cages to meet new European standards.

Duncan Priestner, NFU poultry board member and egg producer said the campaign was instrumental in highlighting the fact that British producers adhered to some of the highest welfare standards worldwide. He also urged producers to showcase their environmental credentials.

“We would like to see the whole poultry industry embrace the opportunity and be totally self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.”

During the event attendees heard how the agricultural economy contributes to the six areas outlined. Mr Priestner said that one of these facts was that one third of all farmers and growers in England and Wales are now involved in renewable energy production.

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VIDEO: NFU launches Farming Delivers campaign

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