World salutes the humble egg

Celebrations are under way around the globe as producers, processors and packers mark the 20th annual World Egg Day.

Established by the International Egg Commission in 1996, the annual event takes place on the second Friday of October each year and is designed to promote the health benefits of eating eggs.

“The egg is one of the most important foods globally and its significance should not be overlooked,” said IEC chairman Cesar de Anda.

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“The most important source of high-quality protein, the egg is perfect for sustainable development.

“Living in a society of limited world resources, a growing population and ever-increasing demands for affordable provisions, the egg is recognised as a very precious food throughout the world.

“In developing countries, where population growth is rapidly increasing, the nutritional benefits of the egg are far reaching. While not as accessible in developing countries, eggs are still a very important and sustainable source of high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins.”

The IEC lists the following events, taking place “in recognition for this small, but mighty food source”:

  • Denmark – an information meeting for food writers, followed by an egg-based lunch
  • Hong King – cooking competitions focused on creative egg recipes
  • Hungary – an egg symposium
  • Canada – about 1,400 information packs sent to primary and secondary schools
  • Malaysia – a day of celebrations at the Livestock Asia 2015 event
  • Spain – two inflatable egg mascots paraded around markets in Madrid
  • US – free eggs included in meals on sale in the White Castle hamburger chain
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