Prime lamb trade flying at Lancaster with 183p/kg high

Prime lambs met a sharper trade at NWA Lancaster averaging 163p/kg, 8p/kg up week on week. The day’s trade was topped at 183p/kg from Joe Townley of Mearsbeck with a smart pen of ten Texel lambs selling to Riley Bros. The top price of the day was from Andrew Butler of Parks Farm Barn selling heavy weight lambs to £88.

All classes met a sharper trade with buyers willing to pay a premium for meatier lambs. Mule lambs saw a similar trade to the previous week topping at 163p/kg.

Cast Sheep
The trade for cast ewes was slightly better than the previous week with continental ewes and fit ewes in strong demand with over fat sheep sticky to place. The top price of the day came from Daniel Towers of Curwin Hill selling a Beltex ram to £108. Also from the same home were Texel x ewes reaching £106. Mule ewes sold into the sixties and horned ewes sold into the late thirties.

Prime Bulls
The trade for Prime bulls continues to be strong with all bulls forward selling to an impressive average of 198p/kg. The top price of the day was a Limousin x bull from A Clark and Johnston, Far Orrest selling to 215.5p/kg.