Relocation, relocation for Tom Rawson and family

After 22 months in Lincolnshire, Catherine, the boys, the bump and I have decided to move back to Gotham City (Dewsbury, West Yorkshire).

The move will bring Catherine closer to the family support network with our third child only a couple of weeks away; on that point she is now in the transition group, and by the time you read this will be well and truly in the calving yard. I am sure it won’t take Matthew and William’s accents many weeks to revert to factory settings.

We have certainly enjoyed our Lincolnshire experience; converting an organic youngstock unit into a 350-cow autumn block calving conventional system has been a steep learning curve. Mike and Laura are being joined by Chris, Mike’s brother, who has taken up the challenge of swapping careers from car mechanic to dairy management. Good luck.

One of our latest innovations has been to establish a managers group, not only for our own but for some of our clients’ senior staff as well. Topics so far have included nutrition, understanding budgets and lameness; meetings are held once a month and are certainly prompting some good banter between the units.

Fertiliser has now been spread on all farms – mainly 46% nitrogen urea. And plate meters are in overdrive, measuring every blade looking for growth. Finally, I have bought a book on understanding business jargon; the sad thing is after reading it, I find I already use most of it.

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