Reserve champion sells for 12,000gns

The reserve champion bull Islavale Chip 11, from Stewart Stonach, Keith, goes under thehammer for 12,000gns. Sired by Glenturk Premier he is out of IslavaleWonder.

Following on Lot 121 Mr D Lowry’s Keeldrum clayton 11 sired by Overhill House Volvo and out of Keeldrum Sonia sells for 2,800gns.

Lot 123 Mr G W Smith’s Drumsleed Conan 11 sired by Ashland Perfect and out of Drumsleed Roxy sells for 5,800gns.

Lot 124 William Ferguson’s Sperrin View Crossfire 11 sired by Curaheen Tyson and out of Sperrin View Tracey sells for 6,000gns.

Lot 125 Mr P Kelly’s Ashland Carlow 11 sired by Kilbride Farm Ahoghill and out of Ashland Lucy sells for 4,800gns.

Lot 126 Mr and Mrs M Ward and Sons’ Westridge Clyde 11 sired by Burghbridge Legend and out of Darsham Ritzi sells for 5,000gns.

Lot 127 Mr W S Stronach’s Islavale Chancer 11 sired by Glenturk Premier and out of Islavale Virginia sells at 6,000gns.

Lot 129 Mr D Lowry’s Keeldrum Casper 11 sired by Hillcrest Valentine and out of Keeldrum Kerri sells for 7,000gns.

Lot 130 Mr D Lowry’s Keeldrum Capone 11 sired by Hillcrest Valentine and out of Keeldrum Fancy V17 sells for 12,000gns.

Lot 131 Mr G L Clark’s Broombrae Chunk 11 sired by Woodhall Regent and out of Broombrae Cathy sells for 4,800gns.

Lot 132 Mr R McCulloch’s Overhill House Commando 11 sired by Slatequarry Wako and out of Fole Vivian 27th sells for 6,000gns.

Lot 133 Colin Inglis’s Greencap Conqueror 11 sired by Slievenagh Wyatt and out of Greencap Willow sells for 5,000gns.

Lot 135 Mr W Young’s Skerrington Colossus 11 sired by Skerington Verify and out of Skerrington Sophia sells for 3,500gns.

Lot 136 Mr D Lowry’s Keeldrum Clavert 11 sired by Overhill House Volvo and out of Keeldrum Tzigane S20 sells for 6,500gns.

Lot 138 Mr R S and M E Weatherup’s Roma Chief 11 sired by Kilbride Farm Newry and out of Hockenhull Natalie 30th sells for 3,000gns.

Lot 139 Mr G W Smith’s Drumsleed Cannon 11 sired by Hockenhull Matthew and out of Drumsleed Patti sells for 3,500gns.

Lot 142 William Ferguson’s Sperrin View Challenger 11 sired by Keeldrum Schubert and out of Sperrin View Trudy sells for 6,500gns.

Lot 143 B G and L Allan’s Glenturk Cognac 11 sired by Celtic Rock and out of Glenturk Natalie sells for 7,500gns.

Lot 144 Strathisla Farms’ Strathisla Caledonian 11 sired by Dressogue Victorious and out of Strathisla Haka 38th sells for 4,200gns to Grove Farms, Dumfrieshire.