Restrictions lifted on Welsh anthrax farm

Restrictions placed on a south Wales farm on April 19 following the death of two cattle from anthrax have been lifted.

Tests have ruled out an external source of infection and spores from an outbreak 35 years ago are being blamed.

“Vets, public health officials and the local authority have considered the test results and, along with experience of past outbreaks and knowledge of anthrax infection, have concluded that restrictions on both the farm and footpaths can be lifted,” said chief Welsh vet Dr Christianne Glossop.

“I am sure the farmer affected will be very glad to be able to resume his normal business, and we have given him advice and directions on how to manage the field which we believe to be the source of the outbreak.

“The risk to users of the public rights of way and pets following the lifting of restrictions is minimal,” she added.

Illness in humans is usually caused by direct contact with diseased animals and the possibility of infection from spores is extremely remote.