Royal Highland Show: Individual sheep championship results

RYELAND: Mr A Hunter Blairs’ shearling ewe. In reserve Susan Bryden’s shearling ewe.

LLEYN: In the Lleyn class a ram forward from Bryan Walling took the champion title with a shearling ram from Messrs D N Bennet and Sons in reserve.

SUFFOLK: The Suffolk champion has been handed to a ewe from I and J Barbour with a tup lamb from Robert H Wilson in reserve.

NORTH COUNTRY CHEVIOT: It was a ewe with lamb at foot that scooped the champion prize in the North Country Cheviot ring for J Runciman and Sons, with a tup from J and H Williams and Sons in reserve.

BERRICHON DU CHER: Mr and Mrs R and J Graham’s ewe; Reserve Mr and Mrs R and J Graham’s shearling ewe.

BLACKFACE: J Wight and Sons; Res Mr Stuart Heads

NORTH COUNTRY CHEVIOT HILL: Mr M J McCall’s shearling ewe; resMr Andrew Campbell’s shearling ewe

JACOB: A tup from G and S Connor and Dalrymple; res, Mr and Mrs W Crowe’s ewe.

COMMERCIAL SHEEP: A ewe from Sutherland, Sibmister and Stainland Farms; res, Mr Andrew Morton’s pen of two prime lambs.

BORDER LEICESTER: Messrs S and A Watsons’ tup; res, Messrs S and A Watsons’ ewe

ZWARTBLES: Mr A J Thorborn with a shearling ewe; res, Mr Jim Mair with a ram.

CHAROLLAIS: Messrs G and B Ingram with a shearling ewe; res, Messrs G and B Ingram with a shearling ewe.

BELTEX: A ewe from Richard T Wood; Res, Mrs Mary Dunlop with a ewe lamb.

SCOTTISH MULE: W and R Kerr and Sons’ ewe lamb; Res, Mr D M Bryson’s Gimmer.

BRITISH ROUGE: A ewe forward from Mrs Patricia Imlah.

SHETLAND: A ewe forward from Patrick Playfair; Res, A ram from Mrs Joan Brunton.

BLEU DU MAINE: A shearling ram forward from Mrs Sally Shone; Res, A ewe forward from Mr William Baillie.

HAMPSHIRE DOWN: Charles Horrells ewe lamb; Res, a shearling ewe forward from Mr E J Cresswell.