Royal Welsh Show: Farmers frustrated by TB plans

Farmers are questioning why the Welsh Government has yet to establish a panel of experts to examine the science behind a proposed cull of badgers in Wales.

At today’s Royal Welsh Show, there was a sense of frustration over the Welsh Government’s inaction since the cull was put on hold four weeks ago.

Ed Bailey, NFU Cymru president, fears the science-led review is nothing more than a delaying tactic. “As each week goes by, the continued silence and inaction from Welsh Government makes me fear that our initial concerns are now being realised,” he said.

“NFU Cymru is extremely frustrated and disappointed that no further announcements have been made to date with regards to the make-up of the peer review group, the terms of reference and exact timescales to which the group will be working.”

However, the Welsh Government said it is fully committed to eradicating bovine TB. A spokesperson said it had made it “perfectly clear” that it remained fully committed to eradicating bovine TB in Wales.

“This science-led review, which is being co-ordinated by the chief scientific adviser for Wales, Professor John Harries, is intended to support and strengthen this work,” said the spokesperson.

The Royal Welsh Show runs from 17-21 July.

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