Runaway cow sparks €10,000 rescue competition

A €10,000 reward has been put on offer to anyone who can recapture a runaway cow and save it from being shot by hunters.

The dairy cow, named Yvonne, has evaded capture since it escaped from a farm near the town of Muhldorf in Bavaria in May.

Yvonne had been roaming in the Bavarian forest, but after bolting in front of a police car officials gave hunters permission to shoot her.

In a bid to save the wayward cow, animal rights activists have now brought in a breeding bull called Ernst to lure her back to captivity.

Previous attempts to capture included bringing in Waltraud – Yvonne’s “best friend” – as well as the cow’s own calf.

But Yvonne appeared disinterested and has instead been lying low during the day and grazing at night, like a deer.

The cow’s escape has become a popular story in German media, with Yvonne being dubbed “the cow that wants to be a deer”.

National newspaper Bild has put up a €10,000 reward to anyone who can save the cow.

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