Sally Gunnell is new face of British chicken

British Chicken Marketing’s (BCM) 2007 campaign sprinted into action last month by signing up former Olympic champion athlete, Sally Gunnell, to front its £1m “Buy British” campaign.

The 400m world record holder, who is now an ambassador for health and well-being, is the daughter of a poultry producer and a keen supporter of local produce.

“I’ve got three young sons and I try to feed my family a healthy, balanced diet – which includes chicken at least three times a week, as it is low in fat and nutritious,” she said.

She added: “Many people assume that all fresh chicken on sale must be British and others are confused by labelling or simply forget to check.  That’s why it’s important to check the label, or ask your butcher, to be sure you are buying British,” she said.

BCM’s 2007 campaign will include press advertising for the first time in its four-year history, with three separate bursts planned for March, May and November.

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