Sausage sales go with a bang

SAUSAGES ARE becoming an increasingly popular choice for diners when they eat out.

The amount of sausages being eaten in hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools and hospitals has shown a big rise, according figures prepared for the British Pig Executive.

The Quarterly Protein Monitor shows a 28% rise in consumption in January (2218 tonnes) compared with January last year (1728 tonnes).

BPEX trade sector manager Tony Goodger said: “The figures are extremely encouraging. They are up on last year and, what is more important, they are also up on the year before.

“Last year the whole market fell because there had been two interest rate rises in quick succession and people cut back on eating out.”

Mr Goodger said the variety of sausages now available was very wide and ever-growing.
“As well as being an every day staple, speciality sausages are increasingly becoming a dinner party and eating out dish,” he added.

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