Scotch Halfbreds sought after at St Boswells

The opening sales of breeding sheep at St Boswells last week met a ready demand, with both shearlings, young ewes and ewe lambs keenly bid for.

In the shearlings sold on Wednesday trade was led at £190 by Scotch Halfbreds from Mains of Auchleuchries, with pens from the same home and St John’s Wells selling at £188/head.

Scotch Mule shearlings sold to £185/head for a pen from Toxside, while Suffolk x Scotch Mules sold to £182/head for Hermiston.

On Thursday the ewe lambs forward were equally well competed for, with the Scotch Halfbreds the pick of the trade, selling to a high of £162 for lambs from Earlside, with others from the same flock at £156 and £153/head.  Suffolk x Scotch halfbreds peaked at £131 for Messrs Helm, Haltree. Scotch Mule ewe lambs sold to £110 from Hartside.

Averages; Scotch Halfbred shearlings £173.70, Scotch Mule shearlings £165.28, Suffolk x Scotch halfbred ewe lambs £114.80, Suffolk x Scotch Mule ewe lambs £84.32, Scotch halfbred ewe lambs £144.86, Scotch Mule ewe lambs £18.68 (John Swan).