Semen from first homozygous polled dairy bull available

One of the first homozygous polled Holstein Friesian bulls now has semen for sale. This is good news for breeders interested in the naturally polled gene, as not only is the bull born and bred in Great Britain he also comes from arguably the greatest cow family of all-time the Roxy’s.

Hollysprings Polled Rainbow PP is a homozygous polled bull which means all his progeny will be naturally polled. He was bred in Robert Jones’s fine herd of cows which are close to Monmouth in South Wales. Rainbow PP is an outstanding individual and has semen collected for a variety of international markets.

LM121107-09 Hollysprings Polled Rainbow.jpgHe has a different pedigree for many Holstein Friesian enthusiasts being a son of West Port Arron Doon Mitey from a VG86 2yr daughter of Lawn Boy, however his cow family is known to all as he comes from the heart of the Roxy cow family started by Queen of the Breed Glenridge Citation Roxy EX97. The bull has two wonderful red full sisters, one is still at Hollysprings and the other was purchased by David Jones for the Sahara herd.

Commenting on Rainbow PP Paul Westaway owner of Sterling Sires said: “We are delighted that one of the first Homozygous polled bulls available is British born and bred. All of Rainbows calves will be naturally polled which is a trait that many Holstein Friesian breeders are interested in adding to their herds. The fact that he has a different outcross pedigree for many herds, and he comes from one of the best cow families of all-time, will ensure he is a global success story for his owner Robert Jones and more importantly for British cattle breeding.”

Rainbow PP is available from Sterling Sires Ltd at £12 a straw.