RamCompare project open for tup and semen nominations

Nominations are now open for rams and semen to take part in the RamCompare project.

The programme, run by AHDB, uses data from across the supply chain to inform genetic evaluations of the animals involved. And the results allow sheep farmers to select rams that suit their breeding requirements.

The estimated breeding values (EBVs) given can also be used to market tups and semen.

Pedigree breeder James Barker said: “Sheep producers must focus on matching the right genetics to their production system and this trial is a great way to see what the leading breeding lines can deliver.

“We sell rams directly from the farm and our involvement in RamCompare is a key part of our marketing strategy.”

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To qualify for RamCompare, rams and semen must meet the following criteria:

  • EBVs in the top 20% of the breed
  • Good history of performance records of the ram and its progeny (eg. ultrasound scan, computed tomography (CT) data
  • Shearling in autumn 2019 or older
  • Good and known health status and be from a Maedi Visna-accredited flock
  • Good genetic linkage to other flocks
  • Provide genetic diversity to the rams that have already been used in the RamCompare project
  • Be part of a Signet-recorded flock
  • For semen nominations, there is a minimum requirement of 30 doses for use via artificial insemination

More information go to the RamCompare website or contact Bridget.Lloyd@ahdb.org.uk.

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