Skipton shearling ewes up £19 on the year

Skipton’s annual show of shearling ewes saw the overall average rise by £19 on the year, with the 3774 on offer levelling the day at a healthy £102.23.

Leading the trade was the champion pen of North Country Mules from the pre-sale show from James Hall, Darnbrook. These were bought by Joe and Nancy Throup, Draughton at £162/head.

And at £160/head was the top pen of Continental cross ewes from the show, a pen of Texels from Nick Dalby, Hartwith, which sold to Robert Greenwood, West Marton.

Best of the Mashams was a pen from Michael Allen, Saltburn, which sold for £126/head to Stephen Maskill, Hebden Bridge.

Averages; Mules £101.60, Texels, £115.02, Mashams £90.57, Beltex £100.15 (Craven Cattle Marts).