Smallburn Farms dominate Thainstone sale

Last Friday’s anniversary sale of store cattle at Thainstone saw Andrew Anderson from Smallburn Farms, Elgin, dominate proceedings, taking both the championship and reserve in the pre-sale show.

His champion was the bullock leaders, a 527kg Limousin cross which sold for £1380 to the judge Tom Stevenson, Balmacolly Farm, Bankfoot, while reserve went to a 698kg British Blue cross heifer which sold at £1450, also to Mr Stevenson.

Overall the 1099 steers forward levelled at 183.3p/kg, selling to a top of 253.2p/kg, while the 762 heifers entered sold to average 174.5p/kg and topped at 259.3p/kg.

And the 39 buls sold on the day made an average of 181.9p/kg and hit a high spot of 220.1p/kg.