Smithfield Festival: Cross bred beef classes

The cross bred native heifer championship went to Aberdeen Angus x Miss Marmite (61) from Michael Kirby. She weighed 656kg.


In reserve was another Aberdeen Angus x, 610kg Upsy Dairy (60) from G and A McFadzean.


In the cross bred native steer championship, it was a Ben 10 (64) an Aberdeen Angus x, again from the McFadzeans. He weighed 608kg. Reserve was a Welsh Black x (67), Black Bill from B E Williams.


In the cross bred heifer sired by a pure British Blue class, the top spot went to 710kg Lu-Lu (71) from C R Fawcett. Second was 614kg All Wrapped Up (81) from P and S Sellers. Third was 610kg Don’t Push It (80) from G R Fountaine.


In the cross bred steer sired by a pure bred British Blue class, the first prize has gone to 670kg Ice Man (93) from R J Wright. In second it was Sticky-Wicket from Michael Kirby (87), weighing 630kg and in third, 628kg Mr T (96) from Mr J Clayton.


The Cross bred heifer sired by a pure bred Charolais bull class has been won by 604kg Queen Bee from Hugh Dunlop. In second, it was 540kg Hips Don’t Lie from the same exhibitor and in third, Edge of Glory from J Nisbet.


The cross bred steer sired by a pure bred Charolais class has been won by Dazzler (103) from W M Owen. This one weighed 638kg. Then in second was (114), 646kg Mr Brightside from Hugh Dunlop. Third was awarded to Golden Delicious from Ewan McPherson and Sons. He weighed 490kg.


Michael and Melanie Alford won the Cross bred heifer sired by a pure bred Limousin 530kg and under class with 512kg Real Thing. In second was another from the family, Smarty Pants. Third was 528kg Miss Chevious from Bett and McKay.


In the 531-580kg category, B E Williams walked away with the top prize with Apricot. In second was Berwyn Hughes’ Mercedes and third was taken by 536kg Sedgewick and Slack’s Flossi.


In the class for Limousin sired heifers 581-625kg, it was T A and L C Lyon and Son with Cher, weighing 596kg. Second was Rosey from Mr K Ludgate and third, C N Red from the Rice Family.


In the last of the Limousin heifer categories, for animals weighing 626kg and over, it was

Arfon R Jones’ Secret Obsession. Just 4 Play from Sedgewick and Slack was placed second, weiging 666kg and third was Dance With Me from J Nisbet.


Mickey Finn from Hyslop and Richardson was placed first in the cross bred steer sired by a pure Limousin bull 530kg and under. He weighed 518kg. Swagger Jagger from J Nisbet came second and weighed 524kg and Red Star from K D Harryman, third.


In the 531-600kg category, I’m Your Man from Mr and Mrs M Alford took to top spot, weighing 548kg. Second was Rockafella from Ewen MacPherson and Sons weighing 544kg and third, Pocket Rocket from T A and L C Lyon and Son.


In the crossbred steer sired by a pure bred Limousin bull 601kg and over, Sedgwick and Slack has secured the number one spot with The Real Deal. In second it was M Morris with The Game and third, Top Gun from Berwyn Hughes.


Heifer sired by any other continental breed went to David Hall’s Bazadaise x, Penny Lane, which weighed 654kg.

Limousin x, Tyson from Mrs R Parker has won the cross bred steer sired by any other continental breed. Second was British Blonde x, Hot 4 Blonde from Louise Todd. Both weighed 616kg.