Smithfield Festival: Un-trimmed lamb classes

In the untrimmed lamb classes for a pair of lambs born in 2011, the Beltex class was won by L E and S D Wadland with their Beltex x Beltex x Texel. In second was R J Slade with a homebred pair of Beltex x Dutch Texel. Third was Andrew Morton’s Beltex x Beltex cross.


The Blackface class was won by G and A McFadzean with their purebred and Edward Noblett was placed second.


Jonathan Long was placed first in the Southdown class with his Southdown x Beltex cross and in second was R O Cox with a pure bred pair. Third was Mr J Aisbitt’s pure bred.


The Suffolks class was won by Messrs Malcolm M Stewart with his Suffolk  x Beltex, he also came third with another pair of the same breeding. In second was W A and A J Wondsor’s Suffolk x Texels.


R J Slade won the Texel class with his pure breds and W A and A J Windsor came second with a pair or pure breds. Third place was awarded to D S and L E Wadland for a Texel x Texel cross.


The top spot in the any other native breed longwool class was secured by Ivanhoe Livestock with their Teeswater x Dalesbred. Eifion Hughes was in second with his Border Leicester x Welsh Mountains.


The any other native breed hill class was won by W A and A J Windsor’s White Face Wooland x Texels. Second was Eifion Hughes’s pure bred Cheviots and third, Stephen Cobbald’s pair of pure Cheviots.


D S and L E Wadland won the any other continental breed class with a pair of Blue Texel x Texel crosses and Ivanhoe Livestock came second with their pure bred Blue Texels. Thirs place was awarded to J and C Maxwell with some pure bred Charollais.