Spring lambs top £125.80 at Kirkby Stephen

Kirkby Stephen Mart’s weekly sale of prime, cast and breeding sheep saw spring lambs topping at £125.80 (306.80p/kg) for a Texel x Lamb from G and J Foster, Waitby Farm and purchased by C L and C Steadman, Butchers, Kirkby Stephen.

Prime hoggs topped at £110 for a pen of Suffolk x hoggs from R H Thompson and Son, Whins Farm, Bishop Auckland and purchased by A Slack.

Leading Prices:

Prime Hoggs per Head

Suffolk £110, £102, £94.30 Whins Farm

Charollais £102, £98, £96.80, £93, £91.80 Whins Farm

Texel £95.30 Whins Farm; £92.30 Old Mill Flatt; £90.30 Brackenslack

Beltex £93.30 Brackenslack

Cheviot £89.80 Shawmire

Mule £86 Haber Farm; £84 Old Mill Flatt; £84.20 Redlands Bank

Swaledale £81.20 Uldale Farm


Prime Hoggs per Kilo

Swaledale 251.10p Glebelands; 195p Ashfield; 192.10p North Corn Park; 192.10p High Eskeleth

Beltex 217p Brackenslack; 208p, 204.30p Galloper Park (Lowis)

Cheviot 208.80p Shawmire; 202p Galloper Park (Lowis)

Texel 207p Ashfield; 206.70p Redlands Bank; 205.40p Selsmire; 202.10p Glebelands; 200.80p Brackenslack

Suffolk 198.30 Helbeck Grange

Scotch Blackface 197p, 195.20p Helbeck Grange; 195p Redlands Bank

Rough Fell 195.50p Crooks Beck

Mule 192p (x2) Redlands Bank


Cast Ewes & Rams

Texel £100 High Plains; £95.50 Bridge End (Brass); £93.50 Low Barn; £91.50 Old Mill Flatt

Zwartble £95 Barugh House

Mule £92.50 Low Barn; £81.50 Bridge End (Brass);

Suffolk £90.50 Old Mill Flatt

Bluefaced Leicester £87.50 Fell View

Rough Fell £87, £84.50 Barugh House; £78.50 Piper Hole

Swaledale £80, £76.50 Stoneriggs; £67.50, £61 Aisgill Farm; £66.50, £61.50 Eden Flatt; £65 Hill Croft; £64.50 High Plains

Cheviot £77.50 Townfoot (Thompson)

Scotch Blackface £61.50 Brackenslack


Ewes & Lambs

Mule (aged) £69 Elm Pot

Cheviot (aged) £62 High Carlingill

Cheviot £45.50 High Carlingill