St Boswells prime trade up 2.5p on last week

Trade for quality prime cattle continues to suprise beef producers at St Boswells today as prices for steers rose by 2p/kg to average 157.1p/kg for 111 sold, with heifers averaging 153.4p/kg for 102 sold.

Steers topped at a massive 183p/kg for one from Ramrig selling to Messrs Gilmour. The same buyer bought the top priced heifer from Pathhead at 174p/kg.

Trade for young bulls was also pretty fierce, up 6.6p/kg on last week’s trade to average 140.7p/kg.

Some 2727 hoggs were forward and topped at 178.6 p (£83 a head) and averaged 146.1p/kg.

Cull cow trade also remained firm selling to a top price of 149p/kg and averaging 123.4p/kg.