Staffs Show: Interbreed show results



Interbreed:  RM Birch’s British Blue cow Boomer DNKY; res, RM Birch’s Simmental cow Treetops Tallulah.


Hereford: PJ and AC Allman’s bull Greenyards 1 Falcon; res, DE, ED and AL Jones’ cow Powys Dendor 1 Jennifer 8th


British Charolais: E Lee’s heifer Mortimers Delight; res, ED Marshall’s Killadeas Barney.


Simmental RM Birch’s cow Treetops Tallulah; res, L Pennington’s Annick Vesuvius


Limousin P Dawes’ heifer Dinmore Elle; res, P Dawes’ Dinmore Expert


British Blue RM Birch’s cow Boomer BKNY; res, M Froggatt’s cow Boomer Chelsea


Highland P Edwards’ heifer Alleag OG 29 Millerston; res, P Edwards’ bull Ulysses of Hellifield.


Longhorn EM Hallifield’s cow Dunstall Gaiety; res, PJ and JM Robinson’s heifer Blackden Jill.


AOB BJ McClintock’s Aberdeen Angus bull Chathill Eugo F230; res, BJ McClintock’s Aberdeen Angus cow Duncanziemere Proud Ilena G254.


Commercial BE Williams’ heifer; res, A Bishop’s Lim X heifer




Interbreed N Madeley’s Dairy Shorthorn cow Nejay Erin 2; res, S&S Murray (Farms)’ Jersey cow Kerbanks Sultans Roxana


Holstein EM Wolfenden and P and GA Rawcliffe’s cow Oakland Manhathen Glorette; res, WJ Nadin and YK Bradbury’s cow Hyclass Roy Anna


Jersey S&S Murray (Farm)’ cow Kerbanks Sultans Roxana; res, ME and AW Wright’s heifer Fourcrosses Iatola Annie.


Dairy Shorthorn N Madeley’s cow Nejay Erin 2; res, R Stockton’s heifer Westonia Gay Lass


Dexter L and J Horton’s bull Apple Ceasar; res, WJ Rushton’s heifer Manorial Busy Lizziy




Interbreed R&R Powell’s Kerry Hill ram; res, RS and JA Gregory’s Charollais ewe

Suffolk K Thomas’ shearling ram; res, K Thomas’ ram lamb.


Texel P Johnson ram; res, P Johnson’s ewe.


Charollais RS and JA Gregory’s ewe; res, RS and JA Gregory’s ram lamb

Shropshire AL and ME Webb’s ewe; res, PJ and AI Schofield’s ewe lamb


Beltex A Bishop’s ewe lamb; res, A Bishop’s shearling ram


AOB Native E Pocock’s Polled Dorset ewe; res, E Pocock‘s Polled Dorset ram


AOB Continental P Tait’s Rouge ram; res, P Tait’s Rouge ram


Jacob I Smith’s ram; res, RF Price’s ewe.


Ryeland JR Morgan’s ram; res, K Edgecombe’s ewe.


Southdown C Rhead’s ram lamb; res, D Hulme’s ram lamb.


Kerry Hill R and R Powell’s ram; res, R F Price’s ram.




Interbreed SJ Richardson and AJ Wood’s Large Black sow; res, CG and SJ Howes’ Tamworth sow.


Welsh CD Vaughan’s gilt; res, C Walton’s gilt.


Hampshire JR Sutcliffe’s gilt; res, JR Sutcliffe’s sow


AOB Modern DG Brock’s sow; res, S Ashcroft’s boar.


Middle White J Herbert’s boar; res, SJ Richardson and AJ Wood’s gilt.


British Saddleback JR and ML Wreakes’ sow; res, B and M Mulkeen’s boar


Gloucester Old Spot JK Wild’s gilt; res, JK Wild’s boar.


Large Black SJ Richardson and AJ Wood’s sow; res, GG and DC Wickstead’s gilt.


Berkshire F Fieldhouse & Son’s sow; res, T Bretherton’s gilt.


AOB Traditional CG and SJ Howes’ Tamworth sow; res, CG and SJ Howes’ Tamworth gilt.


BPA Pig of the Year qualifier T Bretherton’s Berkshire gilt; res, CD Vaughan’s Welsh gilt.