Steers top at £1,000 at Cutcombe suckled calve sale

Suckled calve trade topped at £1030 at Cutcombe market’s annual two-day sale last week.

Leading the sale was a 445kg Limousin steer calf from Messrs Beatson-Hird, Chiltons Farm. This was followed closely by Mr G Woollatt, Gupworthy Farm, who sold a 480kg bullock at £1,000. In terms of pence a kilo for the steers the top of the day was for Mr JC Hancox, Hinam Farm, whose British Blue steers weighing 205kg sold to 322p.  Charolais from Mr P Land, Hill View Farm, weighing 185kg sold at 310.8p/kg. Overall 624 steers averaged 261.77p/kg.


In the same week 547 heifers sold to a remarkably quick trade, averaging 214.21p/kg (£583 a head), with the best achieving 272.3p/kg or £775 a head for a pen of heifer calves from Mrs R Gregory, Lower Ley Farm. These Charolais weighed in at 365kg.


A pen of Charolais from Messrs RF and SA Davey, Lyshwell Farm, sold to £770. These weighed 335kg. This was closely followed by Mr R Dod, Withiel Farm, who sold a pen of three Charolais weighing 320kg at £765. Topping the price a kilo section was Mr EJ Mills, Lower Batscombe Farm, with his Limousin heifers, which weighed 260kg, selling to 272.3p/kg for three.


(Exmoor Farmers).