Steers top 244ppk at Knighton market

A strong entry of 238 store cattle reached a high of £1,058 a head at Knighton market last Friday.


Topping the day’s store trade at £1,160 was DW and LE Morgan, of Lower House, with a British Blue cross bull, which weighed in at 475 kilos (244ppk).


The Morgans also headed up the steer section, achieving a top price per kilo of 267pppk or £920 a head for a British Blue cross steer, weighing 345kg.


Selling for £1,430 was a 630kg Charolais cross steer from Messrs CE and L Lawrence and Sons, Tynllan. At £1,010 was a Black Limousin steer from Messrs IM and SE Goodwin, The Llwyn. Next, and selling to £1,240 for five 520kg Charolais steers was Messrs JP Breeze and Son, Fronladies. Selling to 262ppk for a 324kg British Blue cross steer was TF Speke, Cefncalonog.


Cull Cows sold to a top of 178.0 and averaged 153ppk, while cows and calves sold to a top of £1,880 for a British Blue cross cow and Limousin cross bull calf from F Price, The Grove House.

Topping the heifer section at 261ppk for a Black Limousin (380 kg) was TR Williams T/s A George and Son. Also to 259ppk was a Black Limousin x (410 kg) from the same vendor.


Averages: Store steers averaged 231.32ppk and £1,067.13; Heifers averaged 216.90ppk and £882.67 a head; store bulls averaged 209.92ppk and £1,058.33 a head.