Stirling bull sales 2012: Limousin sale

The Limousin sale is underway….


First in the ring is Lot 321, Carla Fuzzy a Arsouille son from Mr D Baillie (un-shown this morning), unsold at 2,800gns


Lot 322 Collielaw Fabio from Mr R and Mrs M Struthers. This Maraiscote Aaron son has found a new home at 3,200gns


Lot 323, Homebyres Fletcher by Kaprico Davelle and put forward by Messrs J Logan, sold for 3,500gns on the tic tac


Lot 324, Goldies Fiesta from Bruce T Goldie – a Haltcliffe Bill son – sold at 4,000gns


Lot 326, Haymount Ferrari from W T Arnott, a Elrick Bravo son, secured for 4,800gns


Lot 327 Croobview Flint, a Wilodge Vantastic son from Messrs J and D Jardine sold for 2,300gns


Lot 329 Ballmalloch Fenton, a Cloughhead Dracula son from Robert Thomson, unsold


Lot 331, Taymar Gordon from Mr M R Taylor, a Windsole Billy son, unsold


Lot 333 Burnbank Geronimo from Messrs D and L Graham – sold at 2,500gns


Lot 335 Mclarens Black Glenogil, a Hudscales Darren son from Messrs W McLaren sold for 10,500gns


Lot 337 Homebryes Graham from Messrs J Logan, a Kaprico Davelle son sold for 4,800gns


Lot 339 Ballinloan Goldmine from Mr S L Fotheringham. This Millgate Caasar son found a new home at 3,400gns


Lot 340 Whinfellpark Gaffer from Messrs Jenkinson. This Wilodge Cereberus son unsold at 2,000gns


Lot 341 Mr J Burnett’s Spittalton Grouse, a Wilodge Vantastic son – secured for



Lot 342, Burnbank Gatar from Mr and Mrs R and J Graham – this one has the same sire (Rainbow Simon) as the senior champion, unsold at 2,000gns


Lot 343, Shannas Gingersnap from Mr and Mrs J Penny, a Craigatoke Bart son – secured for 3,500gns


Lot 344, Spittalton Geordie from Mr J Burnett. This second prize winner is a Hargill Blaze son and has been sold for 5,000gns




Lot 345 Wedderburn Glenfoundland, a Newhouse Bannockburn son put forward by Mr J K Hunter, sold for 5,800gns


Lot 346 senior champion, Burnbank Gigolo, a Rainbiw Simon son from Messrs D and L Graham, secured for 14,000gns


Lot 347 Whinefellpark Gangster from Messrs Jenkinson. This Wilodge Cerberus son purchased for 2,800gns

Lot 348 Burnbank Goldust from Mr and Mrs R and J Graham and a Rainbow Simon son – unsold


Lot 349 Fedneyhouse Granite from Mr T J Adams. This Ulm son has gone for 8,500gns


Lot 350 Kype Graham from Mr R Cruikshank. A Kype Graham son, he sold for 3,800gns


Lot 352, Ballyrickard George from Mr I N Davidson sold for 2,600gns


Lot 353 Middledale Gingernut, a Cowin Ace son from Mr P R Byas – gone for 1,900gns


Lot 354 Brims Grand from Messrs W and A Oag – a Tehix son and a second prize winning bull, sold for 9,000gns


Lot 355, Maraiscote Gringo from Mr J Nimmo – a Goldies Comet son, he’s unsold at 1,900gns


Lot 356, Brims Gerrard from Messrs W and A Oag – selling for 2,500gns



Lot 357 Haltcliffe Granite from Messrs Ridley. This Roundhill Cramses son unsold at 2,600gns


Lot 360 Ythanvale Glenfiddich, a Larkhill Umbro son sold by Mr D W Youngson for 2,600gns


Lot 361 the supreme champion, Spittalton General, a Wilodge Vantastic son from Mr J Burnett. He’s bought for 11,000gns


Lot 362, Sarkley Decorate son, Ronick Gregory from Mr R Dick, sold at 2,000gns


Lot 363 Ronick Gordon again from Mr R Dick but this time a Sarkley Cromwell son, sells for 3,000gns


Lot 364 Spittalton Gary from Mr J Burnett. This one is a Middledale Shergar son selling for 4,200gns


Lot 366, Alagils Gasper, a Loosebeare BigBoy son from Mr A J and Mrs G Macnab, sold for 4,000gns


Lot 367 Spittalton Glen, a Hargill Blaze son from Mr J Burnett sold for 3,000gns


Lot 370 Emslies Generallee from Mr H Elmslie. This one is a Procters Cavalier son and sells for


Lot 371, Spittalton Gaucho, Hargill Blaze son from Mr J Burnett, sold 5,500gns


Lot 374 Dyke Gambler by Cloughhead Delboy and put forward by Messrs J R MacGregor, sold for 9,000gns


Lot 375 Middledale Goonie by Millington Dejavu and presented by Mr P R Byas, unsold


Lot 377, Kiersbeath Glenfiddicj by Windsole Elph and from Mr D Orr, he sells for 4,800gns


Lot 378 Calla Garth by Mynach Drambie, sold by Mr D Baillie for 4,000gns


Lot 379 Elrick Galaxy from Mr M J Massie. This Procters Commander son sold for 4,000gns



Lot 380 Corsairtly Genera; by Millington Dominator and forward by Mr R and K Davidson unsold


Lot 381 Middledale Gaucho from Mr P R Byas and sired by Millington Dejavu, he sells for 2,400gns


Lot 383 Kiersbeath Glenlivet from Mr D Orr, sold for 2,800gns


Lot 384, reserve supreme champ from Mr M J Massie. Elrick Goliath is a Procters Commander son is sold for 11,500gns


Lot 385, Whinfellpark Genial, a Blageur son from Messrs Jenkinson, sold for 4,200gns


Lot 386 Clarkton Geri, a Glassick Diego son from Mr N R Barclay, gone at 5,000gns


Lot 387, Spittalton Gold, a first prize winning bull from Mr J Burnett. A Middledale Shergar son, he sold for 6,500gns


Lot 388, Kiersbeath Grand, a Windsole Elph son from Mr D Orr, sold for 2,500gns


Lot 391Clarkton Gary from Mr J Burnett, a Glassick Diego son, 5,200gns


Lot 392 Kiersbeath Gunshot from Mr D Orr – a Windsole Elph son, sold at 2,500gns


Lot 393 Kiersbeath Glacier again from Mr D Orr and by the same sire as lot 392, unsold


Lot 395 Pinkerton Galileo from Mr J T Gilchrist, this Mynach Alpha son sold for 3,500gns


Lot 410 the junior champion, Maraiscote Galaxy, a Goldies Comet son from Mr J Nimmo, sold for 9,000gns


Lot 426, reserve senior champion, Ballinloan Gin, a Nebo Dynamite son from Mr S L Fotheringham, he sold for 5,000gns


Lot 398 Pinkerton Gannet, from Mr J T Gilchrist unsold


Lot 399 Kype Glenfiddich a Jodel Clayton son from Mr R Cruickshank unsold


Lot 401 Dyke Galaxy a Goldies Comet son from Messrs J R MacGregor, sold for 10,000gns


Lot 402 Elrick Gin by Craigatoke Dundee from Mr M J Massie unsold


Lot 404 Walkersglen Gusto a Cwmpedran Dobiat son and from Mr A J Walker, sold for 3,000gns


Lot 405 Dyes Gomez from Clark Farms sold for 3,800gns


Lot 406 Goldies Guard a Wilodge Tonka son from Bruce T Goldie and selling for 7,200gns


Lot 407 Windsole Gallagher from Mr W Lawson. This Dylans son sold for 4,000gns


Lot 408 Maraiscote Geno from Mr J Nimmo. This one is a Goldies Comet son and sold for 4,500gns


Lot 409 Mr J Nimmo’s Virginia Andy son, Maraiscote Gatsby sold for 8,500gns


Lot 415 Mr R Dick’s Ronick Glencoe, a Nebo Director son, selling for 2,800gns


Lot 416 Goldies Glengrant a Haltcliffe Doctor son from Bruce T Goldie, unsold


Lot 417 Maraiscote Goonie, a Goldies Comet son from Mr J Nimmo, selling for 3,400gns


Lot 418 Stephick Goldeneye, a Ronick Iceman son from Stephanie J Dick, unsold


Lot 420 Messrs D and L Graham’s Burnbank Gains, a Carmorn Dauphin son, selling for 3,500gns


Lot 421 Lourie Granada from Mr R Aitken. This Tehix son goes unsold


Lot 422 Mr R Dick’s Ronick Grandprix, s Sarkley Cromwell son, unsold


Lot 423 Messrs Ridley’s Haltcliffe Gusto by Cloughhead Ernie, sold at 4,500gns


Lot 424 Mr R Dick’s Ronick Golfer, a Sarkley Cromwell son, unsold


Lot 427 Maraiscote Grizzly from Mr J Nimmo – a Goldies Comet son, finds a new home at 4,000gns


Lot 430 Glenturk Genius from Messrs B G and L Allan – this Ampertaine Bravo son went for 3,000gns


Lot 431 Lodge Guardian from Mr and Mrs W and A Callion is sired by Attila and sold for 3,000gns


Lot 432 Mr and Mrs W and A Callion’s Lodge Gestapo, a Sablier son selling for 2,800gns


Lot 433 Teiglum Gambler from Clark Farms, unsold