Stirling Bull Sales 2013: Aberdeen Angus female sale

The Aberdeen Angus sale of females is about tostart in the next ten minutes. We’ll be blogging live from the ringside.

David Leggart is in the box to kick start today’s sale.

Lot4 The champion heifer Belhaven Eye Catcher L345, forward fromthe Gilmour family, of Macmerry, sells for 8,200gns to Marsden Farms, Penistone, South Yorkshire, getting the sale off to acracking start.  

Sired by Rawburn Elysium F547 she is out ofBelhaven Eye Candy and is in-calf to Rawburn Transformer, due in March.

Lot6, Kevin J Moores’s heifer The Moss Ethna L097 makes 7,500gns, going home with D Donegan, Galway, Ireland.

Sired by Gear Fieldsman H191 she is out of The MossEthelina G733 and was overall champion yearling at the Nation Winter Calf Showlast year.

Lot7 Next up James Porter’s Old Glenort Ella L107, by Barbi of Skaill andout of Old Glenort Ella sells again to D Donegan at 2,800gns.

Lot10 is another one forward from the champions Messrs JGilmour and Co. Sired by Rawburn Rommel and out ofBelhaven Frances H085, Belhaven Franciscan L386 sells at 3,000gns to S Addison, Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland.

Next in the ring is the Reserve Champion female Duncanziemere Jody M001 (Lot 12), forward by A Clark and sons. Siredby Auldhouseburn Karlos D218 and out of Duncanziemere Jody J331 she goes homewith N A and D E Cogan, Co Cork, Southern Ireland, for 5,500gns.

Lot16 Billinge Magic Jewel Erica M179 sells for 1,300gns to D Donegan, Galway, Ireland,having won fifth prize in her class earlier in the day.

Sired by Oakchurch Field Marshall K143 she is outof Mosston Muir Jennifer Erica C060.

Lot17 Duncanziemere Extasy M018 sells for the same money and to the same bidderas the previous lot. Sired by Duncanziemere Knockout she is out ofDuncanziemere Extasy F231.

Lot18  -from the Lakewood Stud – Lakewood Mistress Polly M139 sells for 1,500gns to D Donegan. Siredby Oakchurch Field Marshall she is out of Lakewood March Princess F032.

The bidding is picking up pace once again.

Lot19 Rawburn Ellen Erica H800 forward by John Elliots sells for 16,000gns, to Marsden Farms, Penistone, South Yorkshire. Sired by DA ES RO Twister 0627she is out of Cudlobe Ellen Erica 46D and is due in March to Rawburn Elysium.

Lot20 Rawburn Mist Princess F556 and her heifer calfheifer calf Rawburn Misty Princess, by Netherallan Peter Pershore, sell for5,000gns to Messrs Richardson, Portadown, Ireland.

 Lot21 Rawburn Miss Princess K207 goes under the hammer for 8,000gns, selling away to GR and SC Brooke, Wintringham. Siredby Rawburn Randolph F555 she is out of Rawburn Miss Princess C229 and continuesthe pace for Mr Elliot.  

Lastly from the Rawburn herd is Rawburn DuchessWindsor (Lot 22). Sired by RawburnEnigma G653 and out of Rawburn Duchess Windsor C203 she sells for 5,500gns, again to the Brooke family.


Next in the ring is draft from Kevin Moores’s Mossherd of Formby. Purchasing their frist four lots, is D Donegan, Galway, Ireland, a keen bidder here today.


Lot23 The Moss Innovate K015 sells for 3,200gns. Siredby The Moss Black Lord E570 she is out of The Moss Imogen and is in calf toGalaater Gaffer Geronimo.


Lot24 The Moss Fine Tune K028 sells at 2,000gns. Siredby the same sire as lot 23 she is out of The Moss Fine Lass G749.

Second at this price is (Lot 25) The Moss Pastrami K042. Sired by Florist of the Moss sheis out of The Moss Pastis H824 .


Lot26 The Moss Kristen L065 creeps a little further thanthe previous lots, selling at 2,200gns. Sired by Gear Fieldsman H191 she is outof The Moss Krisalyn G760.  

Lot27 The Moss Pashka L067 sells at the same money asKristen to Pottinger, Thurso, Caithness. Sired by Galawater Gaffer Geronimo J585 she is out of The MossPassioness and is in calf to Scholland Wizard K459.


Lot28 The Moss Kristena L072 sells for 2,000gns to A J Ewing, Dumfries. Thisone is sired by Gear Fieldsman H191 and is out of The Moss Krista F606.

Next in the ring are draft from the R & N Orp’sHalbeath herd, Dunfermline. And back in the bidding and taking the next two lots is D Donegan once again. 


Lot29 Halbeath Belle F191 and her bull calf Halbeath, byArdrossan Admiral, sells for 1,900gns. Belle is sired byJeremy Eric OfBridgefoot and is out of Netherton Belle A098.

Next up Lot30 Halbeath Kay sells for 2,400gns. Sired by Idvies Elmonarch F289 she isout of Halbeath Kay D081.

Lot31 Halbeath Pam K406 sells for 2,400gns to M W Jack, Fife. Sired byIdvies Elmonarch F289 she is out of Netherton Pam X28.

Lot33 Halbeath Kerry K419 sells for 2,200gns, this time to A J Ewing, Annan, Dumfries. Sired byIdvies Elmonarch F289 she is out of Halbeath Kerry D089.

Next to go under the hammer are ten lots from theBelhaven herd of J Gilmour and Co, Macmerry.

Lot34 Belhaven Russian L326 sells to the Ballathie Estates, Stanley, Perthshire via telephonebid for 3,400gns. Sired by Rawburn Enigma G653 she is out of BelhavenRuisseau H062.

Following on from two unsold lots Lot 37 Belhaven Tribal Girl L368 sellsat 2,300gns.

Sired by Muirhall Double Edition E018 she is out ofMuirhall Tilda Stopper E010.

Lot38 Belhaven Royal Wedding L373 – one of thefavourites here today – goes under the hammer for 4,000gns, selling away to J G Grant and Son, Innverness-shire.

Sired by Muirhall Double Edition E018 she is out ofBelhaven Rossignol.

One of David Leggart’s “own picks”, Lot 40 Belhaven Barbie Girl L374, sellsto Mr Jimmy Wilson, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, for 3,000gns. Sired by G H Coverboy Eric 110R she is out ofArgwen Barabara M 146L.

Lot41 Belhaven Zephyr L370 to Mr Robert Marshall, Dufftown, Banffshire, for 2,500gns.Sired by Muirhall Double Edition she is out of Belhaven Zara Lisa.

Next up is Lot52/52A Linburn Jag Erica forward from Mrs Stevenson, Erskine. The Nightingaledaughter is in-calf and has her Linburn Emperor heifer calf at foot. They sellfor 3,000gns to Highland Wagu, Dunblane, Perthshire.

That concludes the sale of Aberdeen Angus females.