Stirling Bull Sales: 4,800gns for Podolski

Lot 285 Bilinge Magic Ebenezer L152 by Rawburn Elysium F547 and out of Rawburn Ebony D288 sells for 3,000gns

Lot 289 Messrs Neil Massie and Sons’ Blelack Prince Healy L762 by Blelack Kanasta Lad G191 and out of Blelack Princess Candy G693 goes unsold at 2,800gns

Lot 291 Neil A Wattie ESQs’ Tonley Podolski L808 by Blelack Prince Consort A286 and out of Tonley Princess H507 sells for 4,800gns

Lot 293 George G F Milne ESQs’ Kinaldy Jerico Eric L137 by Blelack Blackstock C737 and out of Jewel Erica 16th of Kinaldy sells for 3,100gns

Lot 294 Mrs Eileen M Davidson’s Mushroom Pedro L192 by Mushroom Force Ten E121 and out of Mushroom Proud Polly F153 sells for 2,000gns

Lot 297 Ms Angela McGregor’s Newcairnie Platoon L350 by Blelack Evril H998 and out of Newcairnie Parba J102 sells for 4,000gns