Stirling Bull Sales: Reserve junior champ sells to 8,000gns

LOT566 Mr D Orr’s Keirsbeath Garrison byWindsole Elph and out of Rhynd Scotia sells at 5,000gns



LOT568 Redpath Farm’s reserve junior championRedpaths General by Lennon Breezer and out of Grahams Charity sells for8,000gns.

622013 Lim Lot 568.JPG


Lot569 Mr and Mrs R and J Graham’s GrahamsGranville by Grahams Alexander and out of Grahams Uppity sells for 4,000gns

LOT577 Mr and Mrs S Irvine’s Windsole Gregoryby Dylans Daf and out of Windsole Saffi sells for 4,800gns


LOT583 Messrs R M Adam and Son Newhouse BlackGothic by Tamarvalley Boscastle and out of Newhouse Vale sells for 3,200gns


LOT586 Mr and Mrs J Penny’s Shannas Gadaboutby Craigatoke Bart and out of Shannas Chloe goes unsold at 3,200gns.


LOT587 Mr R Dick’s Ronick Gino by NeboDirector and out of Ronick Daho sells at 3,200gns. This one came first in hisclass and has a beef value of +36.


Lot590 Mr A MacGregor’s AllanfauldGrandnational by Cappaduff Aaron and out of Allanfauld Bindaree goes unsold at3,200gns, with a beef value of +36. 


LOT591 Bruce T Goldie’s Goldies BlackGarfield by Goldies Vegas and out of Nikita sells away at 3,000gns.


LOT594 Messrs R M Adam and Son’s NewhouseBlack Galahad by Rosecroft Duke and out of Newhouse Clover sells at 3,800gns.


LOT595 Mr and Mrs W and A Callion’s secondprize bull Lodge Gallant by Attila and out of Lodge Viola sells at 2,900gns,with a beef value of +37.


Lot598 Messrs Fotheringham’s first prize bull WesthallGoldust sired by Stotsfold Dragon and out of Westhall Colleen sells for 5,200gns.


Lot599 Bruce T Goldie’s third prize black bull GoldiesBlack Groovy sired by Goldies Vegas and out of Goldies Victoria sells for 2,800gns.


Lot602 Messrs R M Adam and Son’s homozygous black bull NewhouseBlack Garabaldie sired by Tamarvalley Boscastle and out of Newhouse Carol sellsfor 4,200gns, with a beef value of +41.

Lot603 Mr N R Barclay’s Harestone Black Grouse sired byTamarvalley Boscastle and out of Milburn Caoimhe sells for 3,500gns.


Lot609 Mr N R Barclay’s second prize bull HarestoneGlenfiddich sired by Hatcliffe Vermount and out of Millburn Caoimhe sells for4,200gns.  


Lot614 Messrs R M Adam and Son’s Newhouse Glenclova siredby Tamarvalley Boscastle and out of Newhouse Tammy sells for 3,000gns.

Lot618 Messrs J R MacGregor’s Dyke Gladiator sired byTehix and out of Dyke Duffy sells for 5,200gns.


Lot620 Bruce T Goldie’s first prize bull Goldies Geronimosired by Hartlaw Excaliber and out of Goldies Teresa sells for 3,800gns.


Lot622 Messrs R M Adam and Son’s Newhouse Gautier siredby Hudscales Bigboy and out of Newhouse Tombola sells for 3,500gns.