Stirling (Perth) Aberdeen-Angus bull preview

Following yesterday’s Limousin preview, here’s the my look at the Aberdeen-Angus bulls on offer at Stirling in 10 days time, its a mighty catalogue, with some 219 bulls entered, so this really will be just a snapshot look at the highlights I’ve found.

And, first up is one of the most talked about bulls of the last 12 months, Balmachie Balck Bear from John Lascelles. This one was national calf show champion in 2009, as well as being national calf show junior male champion in 2008 and reserve male champion at the Highland last year.

He’s a Rawburn Lord Ross son, out of a Blelack Black Hornblower sired dam and comes with a terminal sire index of +24. But watch out for his calving ease values, he scores a sizemic -16.6 for direct ease and -5.6 for his daughters calving ease. Not one for use on heifers then maybe?

Following that is Auldhouseburn Black Douglas. This Duncanziemere Judge so ins out of a dam by The Moss Europa and carries a TSI of +31 and an SRI of +45. Judge’s first son made 6000gns in October and a daughter sold for 10,000gns at Best of the Blacks sale last year, so this one should be full of promise.

Up next in my pick is Belhaven Reverence, a Hoff Limited Edition son out of Prairielane 8116 Rosebud. This makes him an ET full brother to a string of Rawburn bulls, including Rommel, Rochester and Randolph and with figures of +37 and +43, he offers an exciting prospect.

Then another Limited Edition son from Belhaven also catches the eye. This is Belhaven Ecurie Ecosse, out of Royal Eston Anne. This one is full brother to Rawburn Enigma and maternal sisters have picked up red tickets at the Highland and Border Union Shows. his TSI is +33 and his SRI is +42.

One from Wedderlie, Aynho Rossiter Eric son, Wedderlie New Era, is next. This is out of Wedderlie Nereid, a Tui Blackmark daughter. He comes with a TSI of +31 and an SRI of +46.

Yet another from John Gilmour is next, Belhaven Popinjayy is next. This Rawburn Transformer son is out of Wedderlie Popart, another Blackmark daughter and has a TSI of +38 and a massive SRI of +55, impressive figures and a great maternal line too.

And another with massive maternal figures is the first red in the catalogue, Logie Red Eagle. He’s a Nightingale Poldark son out of Logie Red Eyebright, a Carhurlie Dynastic daughter and has a TSI of +42 and an SRI of +50, despite a direct calving ease of -4.2.


A mix of famous lines comes next in the shape of Inkstack Primeline, an Ankonian Elixir son out of a Transformer daughter. He has a TSI of +31 and an SRI of +49.

One from the Massies also gets a note in my book, this is Blelack Jubillee Eric. He’s a Netherallan Peter Pershore son, making him an Elixir grandson and is out of Blelack Jubilee Erica, a HF Ricochet daughter. This one has a TSI of +33 and an SRI of +50.

And sticking with Blelack next up is Blelack Evor, another Peter Pershore son out of Blelack Evora, full sister to a 25,000gns bull. His full brother from 2009 is being retained at Blelack as a stock bull and Evor comes with figures of +37 and +48.

And Inkstack have another eyecatcher in Inkstack Fortress. this is by Innstack Fusilier, a Ranui W Impact son, and is out of a Transformer daughter. Coming with a TSI of +40 and an SRI of +51, he’s one to check up come sale day.

The first to be marked from Ewan Brewis is Eastfield Father Ted, a Rawburn Rochester son out of Eastfield Fawn, a G D A Universe daughter. He has a TSI of +36 and an SRI of +45.

Anyone looking for pure imported bloodlines should check up on Andrew Elliot’s Blackhaugh Ruffalo. This one is by Buffalos Conclusive and out of  Prairielane 297E Rosebud, with a TSI of +33 and an SRI of +39, he’s a fair punt, but has a direct calving value of -5.6, so could cause problems if not carefully managed.

And then its back to Blelack, with another Peter Pershore son, Blelack Black Jack. He’s out of Blelack Blackbird, a Blelack Blackstock daughter. TSI of +39 and SRI of +51 give this one some impressive stats.

Sticking with the Massies, next I come to Blelack Lord Hildago, yearling champion at the Black Beauty Bonanza. This is another Peter Pershore son and is out of Blelack Lady Heather. He has a TSI of +37 and an SRI of +44.

John Fraser’s Idvies Euris is a fair looking prospect, being out of the same dam, Eurismey X9 of Idvies as a previous Euris, sire of Lockerley Legolas, last spring’s much admired intermediate champion sold for 24,000gns. This Euris is by Rawburn Rommel and has a TSI of +36 and an SRI of +39.

The Glennies’ bull Threeburrnford Magic Potential is also interesting, being a Jerusalem Pasteur son out of Rawburn Miss Princess, a Transformer daughter. He has a TSI of +41 and an SRI of +53.

Up next is one from James Playfair Hannay, Tofts Ermarkor, a Rawburn Duke Windsor son out of a Rawburn Duke Roxburghe daughter. He has a TSI of +43 and a seriously high SRI of +57, here’s hoping he matches the promise of his figures.

One from Hamish Sclater is next in line, this is Deveron Parakian, a son of 13,000gns Peenguin Bobby and out of Deveron Primrose. With a TSI of +32 and an SRI of +38, he was second prize junior yearling at the 2009 national show and stood in the same place at the Black Beauty Bonanza.

With slightly lower figures, but a strong back line is Duncanziemere Judge from Alistair Clark. He is by Young Dale Tocuh Down, an $80,000 sire and out of a dam whose full brothers have sold to 10,000gns and full sisters have made 12,000gns. She is also the dam of the Scottish National Calf show champion.

From John Logan is Galawater Bentley. This is by Rawburn Elysium, a Lord Ross son and out of Galawater Bonita. He has a TSI of +39 and an SRI of +49, but has a direct calving value of -5.7,

Then from Robert Galloway is Cardona Red Cheyenne. This one is by Red Fine Line Mulberry, a Canadian sire which was Canadian bull of the year in 2005 and 2006. He’s got a TSI of +33 and an SRI of +45.

John Lascelles is back in the draw again with Balmachie Rambler, an ET calf by Mytty In Focus, out of PrairieLane 8116 Rosebud 0011, dam of Rawburn Rommel et al. He has a TSI of +34 and an SRI of +42. I’m aslo intrigued to see another ET calf, Balmachie Druett. He’s by DMM Posi-Traction and out of DMM Dyna Lass 13N.

One from Andrew Hodge, Rulesmains Eliot, attracts some attention too, being by Rawburn Randolph and out of Rawburn Equidora, an Elgar of the Moss daughter. This has a TSI of +36 and an SRI of +47.

Then there are just two more on my list, which admittedly has been fairly extensive. The first is another Blelack entry, Blelack Junior Eric. This Nightingale Definace son is out of Blelack Jury Erica, a Nightingale Picasso daughter. He has a TSI of +39 and an SRI of +50.

The final pick is from Wedderlie, an Aynho Rossiter Eric grandson, Wedderlie Erobb. This one is out of Wedderlie Erosaba, a Tui Bon daughter and has a TSI of +36 and an SRI of +49.

So, now its over to you for your picks, let me know what I’ve missed and what you fancy putting on the wagon home given the chance. Shorthorns to follow tomorrow….