Stirling (Perth) Charolais bull preview

Apologies for not getting this to you all sooner, but at long last I’ve managed to narrow down my thoughts on the catalogue for next week’s Charolais sale at Stirling.

It is by no means an exhaustive list, but with a catalogue rich in gems I’ve tried to pick out the real hgihlights on offer. Some are picked out of intrigue more than anything else, so as always feel free to add your own comments below.

Taking the first mark in the book for me is one from the first class of senior bulls, Maerdy Dart (lot 257). This Maerdy Padriac son is out of Maerdy Omlette, a Maerdy Forum daughter, making Dart a full brother to Maerdy Beauty, interbreed champion at the 2007 Royal Welsh Show. I remember being mightily impressed with Beauty when I saw her at the Welsh and any full brother has to be worth a look on that basis alone. He has a TSI of +34 and an SRI of +41.

My next choice is Allanfauld Dartagnan (lot 266)  from Archie MacGregor. This is by Harestone Tyrol, a Rio son and out of Allanfauld Tig, a Gretnahouse Noel and dam of Allanfauld Chieftain which sold for £15,000. He has a TSI of +38 and an SRI of +46.

After that is the first of my picks from the Massie family’s Blelack string. This is Blelack Dominant (lot 276) a son of 12,000gns former Perth champion Cargriff Victorious out of Blelack Utterlybutterly, a daughter of 25,000gns Thrunton Socrates, he has a TSI of +35 and an SRI of +44.

Then its another of what look’s on paper to be a mighty dtrong Blelack team, Blelack Deveron (lot 291). This Coolnaslee Adversary son – Adversary is by Allanfauld Superscot – is out of Blelack Treacle, a Blelack Montgomery daughter. The Massies rate thsi bull very highly and he comes with a TSI of +30 and an SRI of +34, importantly for a Charolais he also has a calving ease figure of +5.5.

And its the Massies who have the next one I want to see, Blelack Diligent (lot 310). This Thurnton Socrates son is out of Blelack Sadie, a daughter of Blelack Cleo, dam of Blelack Prince who is of course sire of Burradon Talisman, the bull breeding so consistently for the Campbell family at Thrunton. This one has a TSI of +37 and an SRI of +42.

Another from Esmor Evans is next in line, Maerrdy Dynamite (lot 319). This is a son of Vald’or-ra and is out off Maerdy Tench, a Major daughter. Vald’or-ra is sire of last year’s best at Perth for Esmore, Maerdy Championlad. With 500 straws of semen retained for his own use, it is fairly clear how highly this bull is rated at home. His TSI is +27 and his SRI is +29.

After that there’s a fair break in my selections, not to say there aren’t some bulls worth a look in the mid-run, but I’m trying to be fairly selective here, so my next mark is by Sandleford Driscoll (lot 366) a son of Goldies Usher and out of Sandleford Seles, a Drummeer Major daughter. He is full ET brother to Sandleford Bergkamp, interbreed performance bull champion at Balmoral in 2007. Again I remember this seeing Bergkamp on that day and he was certainly a thick ended bull with plenty of muscle to him. If Driscoll is anything like that he’ll draw a few bids, he has a TSI of +31 and an SRI of +33.

Again I jump forward a bit and this time it is to the one I’ve marked from the Boden and Davies team’s Sportsmans herd. This is Sportsman Dumbledore (lot 407), a son of 55,000gns Thrunton Voldemort out of Sportsmans Tammy, an Ugie Legend daughter. He has a TSI of +20 and an SRI of +25.

Then its the first from the Newhouse team, Newhouse Dingdong (lot 414). He’s by Sackville Adonis, the bull that rated so highly at Newhouse and Balmyle that they bought his maternal brother last spring too. Dingdong is ouf of Newhouse Vicky, a Balnuith Ringleader daughter and has a TSI of +38 and an SRI of +45, my spies on last weekend’s Charolais bull walk tell me this could be one to look out for.

Another Northern Irish bull is next, Killadeas Dessi (lot 415). This one is by Dunlon Luck and out of Killadeas Novelty, making him full brother to the Perth junior champion in October 2008, Killadeas Charade. His dam Killadeas Novelty is full sister to Killadeas Jack well known sire in the breed. He has a TSI of +34 and an SRI of +34.

Another Newhouse bull by Adonis is another rumoured to be worthy of noting down, this is Newhouse Delboy (lot 421). He is out of Newhouse Vibe another Balnuith Ringleader daughter and has a TSI of +29 and an SRI of +37.

The next lot in the book could be interesting too, being a Voldemort son from Maerdy. This is Maerdy Dalgleish (lot 422), out of Maerdy Notche,a Maerdy Grimaldi daughter. He has a TSI of +33 and an SRI of +43.

A brace from Danny Sawrij’s herd are next up, being Swalesmoor Dynamite (loy 449) and Swalesmoor Dynamo (lot 450). Both of these are by 34,000gns Goldies Uppermost, with Dynamite out of a Killadeas Jack daughter and Dynamite out of a dam by Blelack Immortal. Theire TSIs are 31 and 35 respectively and their SRIs are 38 and 36.

Then it is back across the water to Woodpark Diamond (lot 462). This Rumsden Tsar son is out of Woodpark Renata, a Hara Kiri daughter and was overall champion at last year’s Northern Irish National Charolais show. He has a TSI of +32 and an SRI of +38.

You’ll no doubt be wondering how I’ve managed to get so far through the book with mentioning the Thrunton team, well here’s where they come in. The one from their run which I want to see is Thrunton Dominator (lot 476) the first son of Newhouse Bigal to be offered. And looking at his dam’s line, he really should be the pick of the Thrunton offering, hsi dam is Thrunton Angelica, full sister to a pair of 25,000gns bulls in Thrunton Socrates and Thrunton Camelot. Bigal of course was bought by the Campbells for 22,000gns in November 2007.

The pick of the run from Hamish Goldie is for me, Goldies Decider (lot 493). This is by Goldies Unbeatable and out of Goldies Blossom,a  Goldies Uppermost daughter. He has a TSI of +48 and and an SRI of +52.

And my final choice in the book is Balthayock Dynamite (lot 521) from Major Walter. He’s by 11,000gns sire Balthayock Adonis and out of Balthayock Suzetta, a daughter of the great breeding sire Dingle Hoffmeister. He comes with a TSI of +50 and an SRI of +58.

I dare say it’ll all be different when we get to see them in flesh next week, but for now that’s my selection from the catalogue, I’ll be interested to hear yours…..