Store and breeding sheep prices climb

High prime sheep prices are being followed through to the store and breeding sheep rings, with limited entries of store hoggets at many centres selling to exceptional demand.

Last week’s sale at Longtown saw 2172 store hoggets, in-lamb ewes and ewes with lambs at foot forward, with the stores topping at £95.50 for Beltex crosses from Glebelands and others similarly bred from the same home at £91.50.

The 406 in-lamb ewes met a good enquiry with a top of £126 and £120 for Greyfaces from Blindhillbush and Hill Cheviots at £74 from Allfornaught.

Ewes with lambs at foot were easily sold and short of numbers, report the auctioneers. Top price of £58 a life was paid for Cheviot Mules with singles from Raby Grange, who also sold Cheviots at £47. Ewes with twins sol to £57 a life for Greyface from Raby Grange.

Meanwhile at Sedgemoor last Saturday an entry of 1713 store hoggets sold to an even stronger trade to a top of £99.50 from Messrs G H Alford and Partners. Others sold to £98.50 from C Chilcott; £98 from R J Langford, £97.50 from Messrs R C Burrough and Son, £96.50 from Manor Farm Partnership and £95.50 from C Chilcott.

The same centre sold 243 ewes with 349 lambs at foot with a smart run from J Harding saw strong one-lamb and two-lamb twin couples to £200 (£73.33/life) with full mouth and broken mouth twins from the same vendor to £197 (£65.67/life).

An entry from Messrs B G, DE and S J Howell saw full mouth twins to £191 (£63.67/life) and £188 (£62.67/life), while a good run from D J Cheacker sold doubles to £182 (£60.67/life).