Store cattle sell to excellent trade at Kington

Thestore cattle at Kington Market sold to an excellent trade this week.

Despitethe recent weather and pressure on fodder and straw stocks McCartneys said traderemained very firm and is encouraged by good fat cattle prices.


Topprice paid for stores on the day was £1,500 for some Angus steers from O B andK D Roberts.

Steersaveraged an excellent £2.27per kg up to £2.65 per kg for some Charolais steersfrom T H and V Burton.


Heifersaveraged £2.17 a kg, up to £2.38 a kg for some Charolais x heifers form C PHolloway.


Allsteers forward on the day averaged £1,102 a head, up to £1,500 a head from O Band K D Roberts.


Meanwhileall Heifers forward averaged £1,035 a head up to £ 1,200 a head, again from O Band K D Roberts.