Store cattle tops £1,540 at Hexham while lambs achieve £83/head

Store Cattle

Hexham and Northern Marts had an entry of 376 Store Cattle and Suckled Calves at their weekly sale.


Topping the sale were Limousin x steers in the 18-22 month class from M/s Ogle, Blackburn Farm which realised £1540.  Top price in the 23-29 month age group came at £1425 for British Blue heifers from M/s Bell. Woodhall.  The 11-16 month class was led by Limousin steers at £1305 from M/s Walton, Greyside with the 10 month class topping at £1135 for Charolais x steers from M/s Walton, Greyside



Hexham and Northern Marts had an entry of 3153 breeding and store sheep at their weekly sale.


Mule Ewe Lambs sold to £71 from M/s Robson, Chesterhope.


Feeding ewes sold to a top of £78 for Texel x from M/s Lowery, Stone Hall with Suffolk x to £69 from M/s Charleton, West Raw and Mules to £51 from M/s Ridley, Mickley Moor.  Horned ewes sold to £50 for Blackface from M/s Charleton, West Raw.


Store Lambs sold to a top of £83 for Texel x from Miss N Dickinson, Chattlehope with Suffolk x close behind at £80 from M/s Patterson, Halton Red House.  Beltex sold to £76.50 from M/s Sanders, Bavington Hill Head and Cheviot x to £74 from Miss N Dickinson, Chattlehope.  Mules peaked at £62 from M/s Maddison, Sunderland Cleugh with Blackface lambs also at £62 from M/s Cottonshope Partners.  Swaledale lambs sold to £54 From M/s Robson, Allenheads Farm