Strong demand for in-calf heifers at Sedgemoor dairy sale

A large contingent of buyers from around the country joined Auctioneers Greenslade Taylor Hunt at Sedgemoor Auction Centre for the annual Top 10% Sale, which included the dispersal of the ‘Summerhayes’ milking portion for BR and IJ Spiller and Crossbred cows from DM Wyatt.

Topping the day at 2,350gns was a 2nd calver ‘Peacehay Tiny 78th’ GP81 from FH Chave and Son. Roland and Simon Bugler sold a 2nd calver for 2,020gns for ‘Bettiscombe Alexander Leah’ GP82. Calved heifers sold to 2,100gns for ‘Moorshard Energy Pamela’ from RK and SG Miller and Sons. An entry of 10 from E Gay and Sons sold to 2,020gns for ‘Walkabout Gloria 34th’ a June calved heifer & ‘Walkabout Sue 57th’ a July calved heifer.

Commercial incalf heifers from Towhill Farm Limited due September to Limousin sold to 1,840gns for a daughter of ‘Picston Shottle’. Holstein bulls from DT and VM Norman sold to 1,600gns for ‘Ciderhouse Favour’ from his prize winning ‘Fleur’ family. 14 month old maiden heifers from ‘Lilylane’ sold to 980gns for ‘Duplex Seaspray 43rd’ for Les Bennett. Heifer calves from MJ and MD Day’s ‘Cloverfields’ herd sold to 500gns for daughters of ‘Stantons Steady’. Non recorded organic bulling heifers sold to 820gns for daughters of ‘Moorshard Orion’ for Jefferies Brothers.

The first of the days dispersal sales produced the days 2nd top priced calved heifer at 2,050gns from ‘Summerhayes Gem 396th’ an ‘Overside Dolman’ daughter giving 35.9kgs. With commercial incalf heifers due October by ‘Styche Supersonic’ Sold to 1,520gns.

Crossbred cows &andheifers from DM Wyatt sold to 1480gns for a 2nd calver due October and 1380gns for a Montbeliarde X due September to her 2nd.

Collective sale averages: 12 calved cows, £1844.50; 23 calved heifers, £1840; three organic cows and heifers, £1627.50; seven in-calf heifers, £1699.50; seven served heifers, £1359; 20 bulling heifers, £865.20; 24 organic bulling, yearling and young heifers, £682.50; ten heifer calves, £432.60.

Summerhayes dispersal averages: 50 calved cows and heifers, £1,223.46; four in-calf heifers, ££1,540.84.

Crossbred dairy cows from DM Wyatt averages: 38 cows and heifers; £965; seven in-calf heifers, £903.