Strong heifer trade at Craven dairy’s monthly sale

Heifers realised a good trade at the October Craven Dairy Auction at Skipton Auction Mart on Monday (26 October).

Sale leader was Dales dairy farmer Robert Crisp, Nelson House, Calton, who secured the championship and reserve titles. The eight days-calved victor sired by Garrison, giving six gallons, sold for £1,880 to regular supporters Alf and Andrew Townsend, Southfield, Burnley, while the reserve champion, a week calved and giving five gallons, joined the same buyers for £1,800.

Robin Jennings, Stainbank pedigree Holstein dairy herd, South Stainley, made £1,650 with his third prize newly calven heifer, which was acquired by H Roper, Thornley.

David Leeming, Burnt Yates, achieved a clean sweep of the prizes in the newly calven cows class, his red rosette winner heading the prices when also selling at £1,650 to the Crabtree family, Clifton.

With bidders plentiful right through the sale, the 36 head of dairy cattle traded a touch dearer than of late, with fresh heifers regularly making good money and even poorer sorts selling away well.

Pedigree newly calven heifers averaged £1,606 a head, selling to a high of £1,700 for an entry from Bishop Thornton’s Peter Baul, while their commercial counterparts averaged £1,535 each. Newly calven cows averaged £1,242 and an in-calf heifer from Mick Corner, Easingwold, sold away at £1,340.

Youngstock again saw some good competition, with heifer calves well fought over to average £325 for 5 to 8-week-old goods, with a high of £400 for an entry from A&SL Throup & Son, of Silsden.